I broke someone's world record, he responded | My Response (Pushups)
I broke someone's world record, he responded | My Response, most pushups
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So we sometimes try to break world records on this channel, and we recently had the 'most pushups in 30 seconds world record', the 'tandem pushup world record' and the 'most side to side pushups in a minute world record'.
And now one of the official world record holders replied and reached out to me…

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  • Browney

    smash liek. More epic videos coming soon, twice a week, subscribe 🔥

    • Cyrus Skoblicki
      Cyrus Skoblicki


    • maryam

      Smash like

    • mannan khan
      mannan khan

      What about next workout igor he broke the record

    • mezzi nox
      mezzi nox

      You know what there is a German Fitness HRpostsr that made an inofficial push up world record he did 65 push ups in just 30 seconds and i am not kidding his name is Sascha Huber

    • Yama

      Canyou make vid on sascha huber he made 63 pushups in 30 seconds

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh

    Blue t-shirt rock every time

  • Jeswin

    after watching this harpreet singh be like man i cant flex anymore....

  • Puneeth kethanapalli
    Puneeth kethanapalli

    Seeing people so hairles is so wierd😐

  • Spiderking

    You both guyz are lit🔥 much love from india

  • Quân Đặng Bá Minh
    Quân Đặng Bá Minh

    Browney is the guy in the red shoes

  • Marie Benigno
    Marie Benigno

    Dude you made the line smaller

  • prateek sharma
    prateek sharma

    Your tape was so small than his



  • Danish Hussain
    Danish Hussain

    "Harpreet Singh" After hearing it feelings a proud Indian 🙏🏻

  • A.C.T. 2:38
    A.C.T. 2:38

    I respect Browney for trying and if he weren't so heavy he would've made it. Muscles weigh more than fat and his are big so he has much more weight to Push Up


    A thinner tape huh

  • Andrew Kamau
    Andrew Kamau

    its smash like, but say it however you want, that's just how i say it.

  • Taizun Essajee
    Taizun Essajee

    I think there must be a certain limit of number for the times you rest? Maybe

  • Jabran Khan
    Jabran Khan

    Heyyy mannn!!! NEXT WORKOUT (IGORVOITENKO) DID 40 💪💪🤙🏻

  • Sukhad

    All edited stuffs😂. Official holder is from Saudi Arabia who also did 33. No mention of Arjen or Browney. Fake channel

  • Gisan FF
    Gisan FF

    Smash liek that you can break your mobile screen

  • young thug Fitness
    young thug Fitness

    I like videos

  • Crafter Jassa
    Crafter Jassa

    Who else from india

  • Hey Karthikey
    Hey Karthikey

    Breaking records for fun!!

  • tRENT Gam1ng
    tRENT Gam1ng

    bro record it from top so we are sure u guyz didnt hit the line:)

  • A Game
    A Game

    The line is so thin


    Your friend is legend in this he almost did the double of how much harpreet Singh did dude

  • Darkness

    You think Vegito the strongest in dragon ball super?

  • Bence Csősz
    Bence Csősz


  • Sandy Tran
    Sandy Tran


  • Stephan C Hinds
    Stephan C Hinds

    Blue shirt guy#Browney greatjob

  • Unknown exploration
    Unknown exploration

    What if u change his channel name the br whit d what then

  • Thonck

    3:49 Song name please! It sounds so epic!

  • randolph marroquin
    randolph marroquin


  • Andrey Playz
    Andrey Playz

    Omg i cant even do 1 push up they litterally did like 25 or something

  • Leo _
    Leo _

    Did browney just say kalma kalma? 7:50?

  • Mister Plays games
    Mister Plays games

    The guy with no shiRt

  • ejazleh

    What if I use a fishing line? They didn't specify

  • James Wilks
    James Wilks

    27 pushups

  • Arham Siddiqui
    Arham Siddiqui

    Love from pakistan

  • LA girl
    LA girl

    This is awesome.

  • Manmay Playz
    Manmay Playz


  • Ela Kawczynski
    Ela Kawczynski

    look at igor voitenko 40 side to side

  • Kaori Miyazono
    Kaori Miyazono


  • Titus James Taitano
    Titus James Taitano


  • R

    So you just played faster the world record of your friend?

  • Thandi Singh
    Thandi Singh

    Check my press ups

  • Aishwarya R
    Aishwarya R


  • William Kurniawan
    William Kurniawan

    if ur sweat touches the line, does it count??

  • Cassen Brumm
    Cassen Brumm

    I’m 11 and I followed all the requirements and got 53

  • pathmanaban sriram
    pathmanaban sriram

    This record is broken again...New record is 33👍

  • Cruising Wheels
    Cruising Wheels

    I think Igor has done more

  • Chikoda Zerkziel everest SlimShady
    Chikoda Zerkziel everest SlimShady

    i love the part when he said kalma kalma hahaha

  • Rana G
    Rana G

    I hope u will success in this career

  • Unknown Coc fan
    Unknown Coc fan


  • Köftespiess von Xatar
    Köftespiess von Xatar

    Yes we all know sascha huber broke the record....

  • janos steinhausen
    janos steinhausen

    He don't want to react to sasha huber because he knows he cant beat him --> 0 clicks

  • Draze IDꪜ
    Draze IDꪜ

    sascha huber hat dich rassiert

  • Tassy

    Tell Arjen to start a HRposts channel! He's a beast. His calisthenics and push up challenges would be so entertaining to watch

  • Aakarshit Rekhi
    Aakarshit Rekhi

    I'm gonna buy that blue shirt, what if that makes him stronger😂

  • Ramsey. A
    Ramsey. A

    He does 30 push ups in 12 second

  • Ramsey. A
    Ramsey. A

    My friend can beat any ones record but he does not want to show the world DM me and I'll send you his account and DM him I promise he will break any ones record

  • Carmelo Tamburello
    Carmelo Tamburello

    Browney's "calma calma" just broke me

  • Khadidizja Bekova
    Khadidizja Bekova


  • Roma kravchenko
    Roma kravchenko

    Ben jij Nederlands?/Are you Dutch? Or do you just live in the Netherlands? Zo ja pls antwoord! Ik namelijk wel. Leuke video ga zo door! 💪😘💪💪😘

  • GetOnMyySkill

    Sascha huber destroyed your most push up in one minute record first try

  • Pippsplit bär
    Pippsplit bär

    Sascha Huber Broke one of your records! !!!

  • munu jannat
    munu jannat

    Are you from Netherland

  • Umair khan
    Umair khan

    It's record Igor can break from left hand 😂😂😂

  • Mika

    Sascha Huber manages easily...

  • ario shadowarka
    ario shadowarka

    Jor rekord get brocken from shascha Huber

  • Alok Ranjan Thakur
    Alok Ranjan Thakur

    hrposts.info/five/video/24iyaG-ljb6Is8g. ....this is 65

  • Mirco Egli
    Mirco Egli

    @Sascha Huber da kannst du save mehr

  • Insectus TV
    Insectus TV

    @Sascha Huber brokes your world record for rhe most push ups in 30 seconds.

  • RNONThenics Channel
    RNONThenics Channel

    Hello Sorry Bro Do you Calisthenics Workout?

  • Fuad Abdul Latif
    Fuad Abdul Latif

    Did he shave his pits or they are naturally smooth ?

  • Jack Dedeurwaerder
    Jack Dedeurwaerder

    1000th comment 😂

  • UndWieFindeschDus ?
    UndWieFindeschDus ?

    Sascha Army?

  • every comment about my name is probably outdated
    every comment about my name is probably outdated

    All comments be like: Sascha Huber beat you!!!!

  • Turbo Master
    Turbo Master

    i did 10 is it good

  • Education Hub
    Education Hub

    1 मिनट में 124 पुशअप ! hrposts.info/five/video/snmpnY5-i6yQx6Y Mere bato pe sabko maajak lagegi lekin video to pahle dekho

  • XX MAN
    XX MAN

    Voitenko did 36

  • Mayank Tripathi
    Mayank Tripathi


  • NaCot

    I like your figure and your appearance so much. I am very envious of the interaction between you and your friends. I have a massage gun and I want to send it to you for free testing. Because I think you are very professional, you will need it. If you are interested, please let me know? (info@nacotshop.com)

  • Swapnaneel Chattaraj
    Swapnaneel Chattaraj

    Can you please tell me how you got rid of your shoulder injury

  • It,s Rahul .M
    It,s Rahul .M

    Walid yari Break your record with 33 side jump push-ups

  • CreeperPeeperBeeper

    My mans strong

  • Paul S.
    Paul S.

    Have u seen @saschahuber s (Austrian HRpostsr) video, where he tried most Pushups in 30s?

  • Keegan Vlogs
    Keegan Vlogs

    That guy worked so hard for the world racked but you do it with ezz

  • Vincent Janssen
    Vincent Janssen

    Sasha Huber Beat your world record Push ups in 30 seconds

  • Keytofitness Vlogs
    Keytofitness Vlogs

    Am broke this record with flying colors

  • Leon Melichar
    Leon Melichar

    Who wants to see sascha breaking this one too😁

  • Sploads

    Wtf this editing is crazy

  • Buğra Yavuz
    Buğra Yavuz

    How old is Browney?

  • JohanyYT Johanyyt
    JohanyYT Johanyyt

    I did 39

  • Alehabarr Gaming
    Alehabarr Gaming

    To the person who is reading this: You’re amazing and beautiful, stay safe and I hope your dreams come true one day! 🌈 My dream is to reach 100 subs. I’ve been struggling to get there.

  • Roosa-Maria Hukari
    Roosa-Maria Hukari

    That guy with blue shirt!! 🥳🥳 😍😍✌🏻

  • typ geiler
    typ geiler

    Hey Bro. Your record, push ups in 30 seconds was broken by an Austrian guy named sascha huber. Try to be better. Link: hrposts.info/five/video/24iyaG-ljb6Is8g

  • laugh out loud
    laugh out loud

    Sascha huber broke your record!!!!!

  • Chance Fortier
    Chance Fortier

    You need liek not like

  • Bishal Routh
    Bishal Routh

    Your age

  • Julian Jevric
    Julian Jevric

    A HRpostsr named Sascha Huber broke your 30 seconds push up record.

  • Hruaia ralte
    Hruaia ralte

    Wtf: video uploaded 5 days ago HRposts noti: one hour

  • Alowell South
    Alowell South

    To be a world record u should have a world record certificate not a thumbnail 😅